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IT’S TOO MUCH: Dissinger to take a break with Germany

German left back Christian Dissinger decided to take a rest from the duties in the national team until summer 2017. The 26-years old left back, despite his great talent, struggling with injuries during whole his proffesional career, but the 2016 was “black” as he was out three times for most of the year since his injury at EHF EURO 2016 in Poland.

  • Regeneration times for players are set too short between the games and the tournaments. I played three and a half weeks after a meniscus tear again. Handball players have an incredible will power, but there is always more borderline cases that prove: It’s too much. These injuries are also due to overloading. It has caught me as some players who play in all four competitions, so in addition to the Bundesliga and the Cup in the Champions League and the national team. This is an incredible workload. That’s why I spoke with national coach Dagur Sigurdsson and told him that I put for the whole rest of the season my emphasis on the THW and want to pause in the national team until the summer 2017 – concludes Dissinger for

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  1. Peter

    20. September 2016. at 15:07

    24 years old!!!!

  2. Peter

    20. September 2016. at 15:06

    24 years old!!!

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