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Kadetten Schaffhausen win Swiss Super Cup!

Kadetten Schaffhausen extended domination in the Swiss handball by winning the Super Cup trophy against Pfadi Winterthur 30:21 (15:11). Markus Baur boys showed once again why they are absolutely No. 1 in domestic competitions in Zurich in front of over 2.000 fans.

Great role had newcomer in Schaffhausen, experienced Austrian NT goalkeeper Nikola Marinovic who finished match with 15 saves.

Kadetten got the first rival at the VELUX EHF Champions League 2015/2016. That would be Norwegian champion Elverum handball, the winner of the EHF CL qualification tournament in Banja Luka.

Kadetten Schaffhausen vs. Pfadi Winterthur 30:21 (15:11)

Kadetten SH: Marinovic/Portner (ab 55.); Cvijetic, Liniger (6), Küttel (2), Richwien (3), Graubner (2), Pendic (1), Brännberger (1), Marinovic, Stojanovic (2), Csaszar (5/1) Luka Maros (4), Koch (3), Muggli (1).

Pfadi: Vaskevicius/Bringolf (); Filip Maros (2), Corovic (5/1), Tynowski, Hess (1), Celestin (2), Sidorowicz (5), Gavranovic (4) Lier, Jud (1), Scheuner (1).

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