Katarina Bulatovic top scorer at the Olympics Tournament (W)!

Montenegro has not won the Gold medal, but if it’s any satisfaction to one of their players, Katarina Bulatovic, she has ended as the Women’s Tournaments topscorer. The second ranked topscorer is also Montenegrin, Bojana Popovic. Below find the list of the top 5 scorers. At the same time Katarina’s compatriot, Andjela Bulatovic was the player that received the most exclusions, totalling 9, ahead of Amorim with 8.




  1. eye of beholder

    22. August 2012. at 13:34

    And she will not be playing for Montenegrin NT anymore:( Sad to hear that! She is too young to leave National team, hope she will change her mind?
    Good luck for her Oltchim team in Romania, though!

  2. reader

    12. August 2012. at 19:24

    Yes, player from Oltchim Ramnicu Valcea. Well done, Kaca! Romania will win the CL club trophee this year.

  3. Anonymous

    12. August 2012. at 16:50

    you totally got that one wrong, Andjela Bulatovic had 9 exclusions… bravo Kaća!

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