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Kavtičnik refused Slovenia – A new Frenchman?

Right wing of French Montpellier and the biggest star of Slovenian handball, Vid Kavtičnik (27) decided to stop to play for his national team due “private reasons”.

– Private reasons are private. I don’t want to share them with whole Slovenia. I already spoke with coach Denić and explained him everything. Probably, I won’t play for Slovenia at the EHF EURO 2012 if we qualified. It would be not fair to other guys…

Analysts say that Kavtičnik is deeply dissapointed after his “handball father”, Zvonimir Noka Serdarušić gave a quit to Slovenian handball Federation a few months ago. Some speculations speaking about Kavtičnik’s wish to play for France in the near future…

– I don’t see, where is the problem, if I play in France for a years and maybe want to finish career in this country to take their passport? – said Kavtičnik for Slovenian PRESS.

Has Slovenia their own “Laszlo Nagy”, time will show…

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