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Kielce demolish Wisla in Plock!

Two points from the first “holy war” between Vive Tauron Kielce and Orlen Wisła Płock go to Kielce – 35:22. As much as the winner of the game is not a surprise, the result itself certainly is – Polish champions won 35:22. Even though Wisła team is still young and not very experienced, predictions about the final result were far more optimistic for them than 13-goal-gap.

All Płock players were ready to play, they were joined by Jurkiewicz who was injured lately; on the other side of the court coach Duyshebaev could finally use Jachlewski and Rosiński but Grabarczyk had to stay at home due to his broken nose.

As in the past seasons referees of the holy wars were criticised or even blamed for warping results, this time referees from Spain were appointed.

First minutes did not foreshadowed the upcoming catastrophe; Wisła didn’t do perfectly in defence nor in attack but 7:10 in 15. minute wasn’t something they couldn’t catch up with. Coach Cadenas tried to improve his team by changing goalkeepers (Corrales instead of Wichary) and taking a time out already in 12. minute. The hosts had their chances to reduce the gap but they didn’t make use of them – despite being in a powerplay, they either missed the goal or were rejected by well playing Šego. When in 19. Minute Čupić gave his team 6-goal-lead (13:7), Manolo Cadenas took another time out. 5 minutes later the gap almost didn’t change, but Kielce team did. Spanish referees decided to punish Karol Bielecki with a red card after he fouled Tioumentsev by hitting him with his shoulder. This, however, didn’t put Kielce off their stride and the half-time result was 12:20.

Płock didn’t begin the second half better as already in the first minute Szmal saved Syprzak’s penalty shot. Poor disposition of Wisła let Kielce lead by 11 goals after 5 minutes (12:23) and it made Cadenas take the last time out. Next minute saw a very worrying accident as fouled Jurkiewicz unintentionally kicked Tobias Reichmann in the stomach and the German winger was taken off the court by paramedics. On the other side, couple minutes later Valentin Ghionea left the court due to some leg injury. Kielce were away by 15 goals (16:31, 47. minute) and they slowed down. Coach Duyshebaev let Rosiński and Jachlewski play, Kielce attack became quite chaotic but in the end they managed to keep the gap large (22:35).

Orlen Wisła Płock – Vive Tauron Kielce 22:35 (12:20)

Orlen Wisła: Corrales, Wichary – Zelenović 5, Daszek 3, Syprzak 3, Tioumenctsev 3, Racotea 2, Ghionea 2/1, Jurkiewicz 1, Montoro 1, Nikcević 1, Pusica, 1, Wiśniewski 1, Kwiatkowski, Rocha.

Vive Tauron: Sego, Szmal – Jurecki 7, Lijewski 6, Tkaczyk 4, Aginagalde 3/2, Cupić 3/1, Strlek 3, Chrapkowski 2, Bielecki 2, Reichmann 2, Musa 1, Rosiński 1, Buntić, Jachlewski, Zorman.


1Vive Tauron Kielce8800287:20516
2Gaz-System Pogoń Szczecin8701260:21114
3Orlen Wisła Płock8611263:21613
4Górnik Zabrze8602254:23112
5SPR Stal Mielec8323236:2348
6Zagłębie Lubin8233246:2567
7Chrobry Głogów8314195:2127
8Śląsk Wrocław8215201:2435
9MMTS Kwidzyn8206235:2434
10KS Azoty Puławy8125213:2434
11Wybrzeże Gdańsk8125198:2444
12Nielba Wągrowiec8107186:2362


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. piotr

    10. November 2014. at 17:24

    This is the end of Wisla, Im am from Kielce and I feel sorry for the intensions they have to build a team in Plock. 3 years ago it was a much better way they went. Now after Cadenas, the team is going to a big black hole. This is not good for Polish handball.

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