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POLL: Who deserved “wild card” for Qatar 2015?

Handball world is facing the most dramatic situation in the modern history of our sport. After Australia, which lost the place at WCh 2015 by decision of IHF, two more qualified nations for the upcoming World Championship 2015 in Qatar, Bahrain and UAE declined participation due political conflict with host nation – Qatar.

Who will get these two free places? Korea were the fifth team on Asian Championship, the first one under the line.  Other teams from Persian Gulf ended behind the most famous Asian handball country – Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman, while the 9th finished Japan.

If all countries from Qatar neighborhood decide to boycot WCh 2015, the second team from Asia could be Japan.

If IHF decide to punish Asia because of all the problems, Australia could get deserved place which was overtook by Germany.

The next decision of IHF Council could be giving new VISA for European teams. Iceland is the first pick based on the results from the last Men’s EHF EURO 2014 in Denmark. Two teams who are dreaming about „wild card“ are Hungary and Serbia, the only teams which have continuity of playing on big events.

Which teams deserve „Wild Card“ for WCh 2015?

Who should play at QATAR 2015?

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  2. Patrick

    14. November 2014. at 15:41

    Great Britain!!!

  3. vestergaard

    13. November 2014. at 18:51

    If you want to make justice for Australia it has to happen against Germany, that is for sure.
    Anyway if not it is still doubtful whether there would be a logic in allowing Australia to go to the WC while the reason, from IHF’s perspective, they got fired(non-existence of their association) still applies: it still ‘did not exist’ at the time of the qualifiers…

  4. artur

    12. November 2014. at 20:19

    niemcow nie powinno tam wcale byc,obskoczyli 2razy wpierdol z naszymi a teraz beda grali jeszcze w grupie z nami,skandal!!!!!Wikingowie i Madziarzy,bedzie ciekawie

  5. Barbosa

    12. November 2014. at 15:57

    It is not about the quality of the teams! It’s about justice! Australia was summarily removed from the WCh by a political decision! Germany with all your tradition and influence came in…
    Now it is a second chance to make justice! They must put those nations who deserve the tickets to the WCh! Respect the rules Mrs.!

  6. Anonymous

    10. November 2014. at 23:55

    iceland and hungary the games would be more interesting

  7. Anonymous

    10. November 2014. at 18:26

    HUNGARY!!! <3

  8. jonni

    10. November 2014. at 12:06

    Australia and Iceland, they are the teams who are next in. Australia qualified but was kicked out for Germany although Iceland should have been next in from Europe. So Iceland and Australia should be there!

  9. Anonymous

    10. November 2014. at 01:44


  10. martin

    9. November 2014. at 22:27

    I think korea and iceland .

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