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KIELCE “THE BEST FROM POLAND”: Wenta’s team win in Plock again!

After VIve TArgi Kielce won match of the Polish league against Wisla Plock in “Orlen Arena” last week, the same success team of Bogdan Wenta repeat in their EHF Champions League clash – 30:28 (16:17). In front of 5400 fans Polish champions beat vice-champion in thight match. Spanish line player Aguinagalde showed how big signing is with 9 goals, while in domestic team Petar Nenadic scored 7…

Wisła: Sego, Wichary – Nikcević 2, Jurkiewicz 3, Toromanović 1, Nenadić 7, Lijewski 4, Ghionea 5/2, Wiśniewski 5, Syprzak 1, Kwiatkowski.

Vive: Szmal, Losert – Strlek 5, Jurecki 3, Grabarczyk, Lijewski 5, Zorman 1, Cupić 2, Musa 2, Aguinagalde 9/5, Chrapkowski 2, Tkaczyk, Buntić 1.

Porto – THW Kiel 26:29
Dunkerque HB – KIF Kolding 18:20


1Vive Targi Kielce330098:746
2THW Kiel330094:866
3KIF Kolding320171:674
4Orlen Wisła Płock310289:892
5Dunkerque HB300366:810
6FC Porto Vitalis300370:910


  1. Madlen

    17. October 2013. at 19:57

    Certainly – he rarely misses. In my opinion, right now he scores penalties much better than Cupić and should be the first to score.

  2. hartza0

    17. October 2013. at 15:53

    OK, thanks. I think it is the first time that Julen shoot 7 meters and it seems he does it very well, doesn’t it?

  3. leftw

    16. October 2013. at 19:25

    @hartza0 yes, aginagalde scored 4 goals from 7m

  4. Madlen

    16. October 2013. at 18:06

    hartza0 – Yes, he does.

  5. hartza0

    15. October 2013. at 18:15

    Does Julen Aginagalde shoot from 7m in Kielce?

  6. Miko

    14. October 2013. at 22:03

    Like I said last week, no changes from last year.

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