Kiss saves Hungarian girls on the way to Budapest

In the last game of Saturday, Hungary won against Romania 20:19. The teams struggled a bit long to score their first goals – Hungary did it not before 6. minute, and Romania had to wait even 5 minutes more. Hostesses had the upper hand and won at halftime 10:8. They lost the lead in 38. minute when very well-playing Cristina Neagu scored at 13:13 and gave her team the lead two minutes later. Mostly thanks to her and unbelievably playing goalkeeper Paula Ungureanu, Romania took 2-goal-lead. Hungarians seemed to have lost their hopes for a while but they equalized at 19:19 with 4 minutes to go and took the 20:19 lead. Romanians had a chance to score at least an equalizer, but Neagu let her team down in the most important moments while Kiss in Hungarian goal saved very important throws.



1Norway  6
2Hungary 4
3Spain 4
4Denmark 3
5Romania 1
6Poland 0
TEXT: Martyna Usnarska
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1 Comment

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