Laszlo Nagy for HP about Veszprem's success: "Barca and Kiel must be in Cologne - We are still far away" | Handball Planet

Laszlo Nagy for HP about Veszprem’s success: “Barca and Kiel must be in Cologne – We are still far away”

He was the World’s Best player in 2011, but from Olympic Tournament in London until the „dream week“ of MKB Veszprem finished with two victories over existing EHF CL finalists, BM Atletico Madrid and THW Kiel, the form of Laszlo Nagy is still on the highest level. The biggest Hungarian handball star talked for, just after the big success against THW Kiel 31:30:

– Of course, this was important match for us and it’s a big pleasure to beat the best players from the best team in Europe. We are very happy for this victory in one such a great match. As experienced players, we all know that season is very long and if we want to make something big, team has to rise through months and play even better than now. Our coaching staff and the players are working on that every single day.

After you beat Atletico Madrid and THW Kiel in four days, handball people think that you are ready to play at F4 in Cologne. That isn’t just an opinion from Veszprem’s fans, but from all sides of Europe.

– Yes, I know that some people think in that way, but I want to be realistic. This Veszprem is quite new team, with the new system, we are rising as a group every day, but it is still far away to speak about our goals. New players and new coach, everything is new here. We need time. For now, everything is going well, we catch the good line…

How do you like this Hungarian-Spanish (Ortega, Ugalde, Chema Rodriguez, Oneto) mix in Veszprem?

– It’s good, we have nice atmosphere in the team. Hungarians are happy with Spaniards and that is respect from both sides. We don’t want just to make a group, but whole team.

Who are the biggest favourites to win the VELUX EHF CL 2012/2013?

– THW Kiel and F.C Barcelona are the best teams in Europe right now. They must be in Cologne at F4. For other two places will fight six-seven teams, among them is Veszprem. I hope that we will keep a good form until March and April, when crucial matches will be played.

You made a big success with the Hungarian NT at the Olympic Tournament in London, where you finished fourth. How do you see next chapter of your NT career, World Championship 2013 in Spain?

– We have great time in London. Hungary showed to all that is among the best five,six teams. We have quality atmosphere, good team, but it is to early to speak about specific objectives in Spain – concluded Nagy an interview for



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