Lino Cervar after EHF EURO 2018 disaster: Croatian team has bright future even without me

Lino Cervar didn’t complete successfully his mission on a comeback to Croatian bench. The only gold medal which miss Croatian handball still stay only a dream for next generation, while experienced coach will leave bench at the end of contract which is dated with the end of the Men’s EHF EURO 2018.

France were much much better than host supported by 15.000 fans. Didier Dinart gave a lesson to Croatian coach, beat his team 30:27 and had time to rest some players like Nikola Karabatic in the second half.

  • We were too emotional at the beginning. We made a lot of technical mistakes and they were decisive. Our defense wasn’t aggressive from the start. That resulted in number of conceded goals. I can praise my guys for an approach in the second half, we came on -1 in the 53rd minute, but then France netted two easy goals – said Cervar and added:
  • I have contract until the end of Championship. In this moment, it is not important question whether some other will come on my place. We have to support everyone who will lead Croatia. We have to support handball, national team and players. Our successful story with 13 medals can’t be stopped. I am not worried about future of Croatian handball. We will find a way and people who will make again great results in the future. Croatian team has a bright future even without me – ended Cervar.


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