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Lino Cervar about “3 things which can put handball out of crisis”

Handball Talks conference organized by in Nasice during the first weekend of November gathered the most iconic handball people from Slovenia to North Macedonia. Nine panel discussions have been organized in two days which provided many interesting topics and ideas. The closing one was with legendary coaches Lino Cervar (Olympic and World Champion with Croatia), Kasim Kamenica (World Junior Champion with Yugoslavia and EHF CL semi-finalist with RK Prule Ljubljana) and Veselin Vujovic (IHF World Best Player – bronze medal winner with Slovenia at WCh 2017 as a coach).

The 73-year-old Cervar suggested three things that can change handball in a better way…

  • You cannot be allowed to decide the winner by subjective interpretation of the rules. It is not possible anywhere in sports and it is inadmissible. It is a violation of human rights. I really don’t understand, at a time when money is getting less and less, there is a crisis, and there must be more justice. I absolutely do not agree with cosmetics. All the changes we’ve had in terms of rules are cosmetic, that’s not the point. I suggest three things. First, regarding regularity. I want to know how long the ball is in my possession. Not as much as you think (referee), but whether it will be 20, 30 seconds, technology has moved forward. If you want to play real handball, you must have a clock-shot. I will teach my players to play on time and you will know who is the coach and who is artificial expert. Second, foul in attack or “diving”. When it is in motion it is not, when it is in place it is. It is so elastic that you can judge the foul in attack when they want or not, and that ball can decide the World champion for example? And the third thing, we came to a situation where handball is played between 6 and 9 meters line. We don’t have shots from a distance, we don’t have a jump shooter. Veselin Vujović says “about the rule when you score outside the nine meters line, you get two points“. Like in basketball, where they made revolution with three points shoot. And that happens only because some Norwegian guy decides and writes about the development of handball. Where are top coaches and players in deciding the rules of the game? The referee can never be in front of the institution of the coach. A coach is not only a coach but also a substitute parent. Referees were favored, that’s why we have a crisis of handball. Because of servility, the clubs will not raise their heads. Vuja (Veselin Vujovic) had “balls” and got hit on the head, but in fact he told the truth. And that is avoided, both in sports and in society – concluded Lino Cervar.
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