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Lino Cervar wants change of rules: We need shot clock in handball!

Legendary Croatian coach Lino Cervar, world and Olympic champion with Croatia in 2003 and 2004, and in the last few years one of the founder of Macedonian handball “miracle”, RK Metalurg, speaks for about the necessity of inovation in handball – time limit for attack:

– I absolutely agree. Length limit attacks would result in changes in the dynamics of the game. That will cause a better coaching work. It does not matter whether it would be 20,25,30 seconds, the coach and the players would have to show what they know in that period, not to walk around the defense with no idea. Creativity and innovation would come to the fore, without there are no progress in any part of the life. As Einstein said “work in the same way is the best way to make mistake” – it was clear Červar.

Some other worldwide known handball names had also same opinion as Croaitan coach.

What do you think? Do we need this change?

Shot clock in handball?

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  4. martin

    7. March 2014. at 16:16

    Iam agree with shot clock .

  5. Darko

    7. March 2014. at 14:43

    It is not same as in basketball…in basketball when u have foul, you have free throw…in handball is much different, also u have to have in mind that in handball it is necessary to make changes defence/attack…I’m not sure it would improve handball…maybe some different ideas…when u watch Cervar’s Metalurg, they are walking as they are in beach, they need almost 20seconds to go from their’s half of pitch to opponents…so maybe to make a rule to get faster in opponents half…as in basketball…and also referee’s to signalize passive play bit faster…

  6. robert

    7. March 2014. at 12:39

    i agree 100%.our sport when compared to basketball is way too slow.the game must become faster.the faster the game,the more goals and action so it will be more spectacular.also the rule of passive play is not clear and most referees don’t use it correctly.

  7. Suzanna

    6. March 2014. at 23:24

    Disagree!! It would totally change the game..

  8. bosko

    6. March 2014. at 20:18

    hallelujah!!of course we need a shotclock!maybe some of the handball fans don’t realize it, because they have got used to the current system of the passive play,but for somemone who watches first time handball the lack of shotclock is a disadvantage.think of how much time passes by without any action.the time between a shot on one end and the beginning of the attack on the other end is something between 20-35 seconds.those seconds are a total waste and are more than enough to make a game look boring!think how much time gets lost with players just passing around the ball lazy in order to rest.everybody agrees that fast tempo handball is fun to watch!we all saw how much more exciting basketball became when the shotclock was reduced from 30 to 24 seconds

  9. annonym

    6. March 2014. at 18:32

    You have a right. This same situation is where play national team of macedonia.

  10. Darko

    6. March 2014. at 14:51

    Hilarious…so crazy…Metalurg is playing 1.30-2min in attack…and he wants “shot clock”…he must be joking.

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