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LJUBOMIR VRANJES – “An endless source of inspiration – Innovator”

When even the very mention of your name carries great significance and meaning for over a decade, and your driven personality and flair becomes an inspiration to others, regardless of which side of the court they’re on; you are the very thing that makes handball what it is today. Ljubomir Vranješ has literally gold-plated his name in the history of handball, with three European and one World championship gold medals, including the Olympic silver from Sydney 2000. His playing style was unlike anything seen before, a true innovation. His quickness, technical perfection and intelligence became a building block of one of the greatest generations ever to set foot into the 40×20 court. Ending his illustrious career still a top-level player, the now 40-year old Vranješ has directed his life-long passion for handball into coaching. With the same level of inspiration, devotion and passion, Ljubomir is now coaching the club where he has reached a legendary status as a player, Flensburg-Handewitt. In 2013 Ljubomir has  also had a short but successful stint on the International stage, taking over the Serbian national team in time of crisis; granting them a place at the 2014 EHF Euro in Denmark. Known for his tenaciousness, perfectionism, and passion for innovation, Ljubomir will never stop inspiring and improving the sport that made him a legend.


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  1. Michael Weiss

    1. February 2014. at 17:01

    Lubo = no. 1 !

  2. meike jensen böse

    31. January 2014. at 22:22

    he is the best <3

  3. Stine

    31. January 2014. at 21:04

    He’s the best! <3

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