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VICTOR TOMAS – “A neighborhood boy and a world-beater all in one”

When in 2002 a seventeen-year old local boy got his first contract for the club of his dreams, many would feel like that achievement alone would be hard to beat. Not Victor Tomas. In eleven years past since his first professional contract this hard-working Spaniard has not only become a real Barcelona legend, working his way through youth levels, before becoming an integral part in the ‘Blaugrana’ first team, but a role-model and an admirable presence at the age of just twenty-eight. His efficiency and effectiveness all over the court has to account to his intelligence and energy.  But during his career, Victor has become very influential both on and off the pitch due to his great personality. The 2013 has been a benchmark year for Victor, winning the Liga ASOBAL and Copa ASOBAL for third consecutive time, after becoming World champion with the Spanish national team in Barcelona- a place of his greatest success.  Aside from his excellent playing skills and numerous achievements, Victor is a big media presence as well. He regularly blogs, tweets, and updates his fans with his most recent life events, thus creating a real global super-star, not only for the people who follow handball, but sports in general.


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EHF TV commentator Tom Ó Brannagáin explained why he gave points for Tomas’ nomination:

– For his importance as a top player both internationally and at club level as captain of a Barcelona. His ability to communicate with fans and media. He is a global role model.


  1. Rosa

    4. February 2014. at 20:04


  2. Lola Perez Bravo

    3. February 2014. at 10:18

    Victor se merece este premio x su trayectoria como jugador y x lo gran persona q es!

  3. virgili juan carlos

    1. February 2014. at 12:58

    Un 10 Grande Victor Grande !!

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