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Marko Vujin about progress in handball: People around the 40×20 don’t care about our sport

After seven years at THW Kiel, Serbian right back Marko Vujin, has changed club, from October 1, he will me a member of Sporting CP. In an exclusive interview for, the 35-years old shooter with 13 years of TOP handball experience with Veszprem and Kiel, talked about different topics worth to read…

Vujin came to Kiel in summer 2012, in the moment of amazing generation with Jicha, Omeyer, Narcisse, Ilic, who won everything in 2011/2012…

  • Nobody asked me before, how big pressure was to come in Kiel to replace Kim Andersson. I came to the club after season in which they won everything, had 68-0 as “uberflieger” in Bundesliga, in which Kim was MVP of the season. It was amazing, I have to replace him, coming from TOP team like Veszprem, but you know how it is in Germany, they don’t respect you until you show yourself in Bundesliga. My team-mates know how is fifht in third Bundesliga in footbal, but they don’t know who won Premiership. This is how Germans look on sport.  Domestic is the most important. I came after Olympic Games in London, without pre-season work, but with pressure to replace iconic person of the club. In the first year, Momir Ilic helped me a lot with handball things, but also life. We were winning first three-four years Bundesliga, we knew how things are going, where to attack, where to defend. When I analysing, I realise that goals stayed the same, but we couldn’t keep that level with young players who came to replace Jicha, Narcisse, Palmarsson. You can’t cheat anyone on the court. Young guys need time to come on necessary level. You see that on results, but club decided to do it in that way. 

Many players didn’t find themselves in Kiel, but then showed that they are TOP class, like Lauge, Moraes, etc…

  • Canellas also left after only two years. They exploded in some other teams and showed how quality they are. I know on example of Lauge, that he was very eager to show Kiel that they made mistake. He was specially motivated in every match against us to show that to people who decided to send him out of the club. He played for Flensburg, now in Veszprem, obviously career goes in good direction. THW Kiel are the club in which you must show why you are signed immediately. You have to have good start. If you don’t succeed, you will have problem with self-confidence, but also with the hall which is everything but not easy to play inside. People thinks “nice, 10.000 fans”, but they have to know that this is the toughest hall to play in Europe. It is sold-out on every match, expectations are always the highest. fans expect to win every match, even in summer during preparation. Many players didn’t find themselves in such an atmosphere. Lauge came as young player who had Jicha, Duvnjak, Palmarsson and Canellas in front of him. It is tough to deserve five minutes and to be and better in such a line-up to deserve more. That didn’t happen. You lose two-three months, getting out from rotation, and that is it. And every team who are coming to Kiel, going there to play without pressure. If they lose, it’s OK, but if they make something more…. That is a big difference between Kiel and other teams. I felt that on my skin. Veszprem are the same, but you have easier League which gives you time to rest before most important matches. For seven years in Kiel, we lost two-three matches in Balingen. You play some tough match in Champions League, and then without training going directly to Balingen. It’s not normal to play in Bundesliga anymore, 65-70 matches during season…. 


  • We all began to play handball because we loved that. We didn’t know and didn’t play for some TOP contracts. When you are going to the last part of career, love is again primary force which leads you. Many players now avoiding Bundesliga because they won’t to stay healthy and to play longer without pain. There are good teams outside of Germany which can pay good enough. Players know think in that way. When I signed for Kiel in 2010, that was TOP of the TOP for me and young players in that moment. Kiel was the best team in Europe. The whole package which Kiel can give you, organization, fans, hall, city, that is the best club even now. How they respect you, what you can get, there is no better place to play handball. Kiel will be always Kiel, but now when they call some young player, he is thinking longer than before. Reason is number of tough matches, loading, a lot ot traveling…
  • TOP players raised their voices through campaign Don’tPlaythePlayers. Are you optimistic?
  • I often speak with Dule (Duvnjak), how handball if fantastic for watching. Game has progressed, halls are sold-out in Germany, and when you see all this Final4 events, final weekends of World or European championships. However, people around handball who are decision-makers, they aren’t doing a good job. TOP players aren’t protected, because of that, they are forced to finish careers 3-4 years earlier. You are playing Bundesliga on December 30, and then three days after you are with national team under stress during whole January. For the fans, maybe it looks fantastic, but thing around 40×20 aren’t good. The best example for it is that budgets of Bundesliga teams were bigger 10 years ago than now!? Nobody speaks about that, but that is true. And look progress in basketball or football in the last decade. You had Kiel, Flensburg, HSV, Rhein Neckar Lowen, Nordhorn, strong Gummersbach with Narcisse and Ilic, Lemgo with full German national team, they were all the teams with TOP budgets.  You don’t have it now. Some stupid things were included, but most of the time, they keep their eyes closed. They are doing nothing for TOP players to ensure them contracts which they are deserving, to respect them and protect them. Handball deserves more. Kiel have the same budget this season and in the one when they havd 68-0 (2011/2012). They can raised up budget for 3-4.000.000 based on that results in that moment, but they didn’t. Limit is there, that is our budget…. they had no rivals to pushe them up, PSG Handball just began to exist. Handball missing teams which can break the limits, to push eachother, to get to new level – said Marko Vujin for


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