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Marko Vujin for Handball-Planet: “My wish for 2011 – Kiel”

Year 2010 was very succesful for one of the best right backs in the world of handball, Serbian, Marko Vujin (26). He signed contract with THW Kiel, but still in T-shirts of MKB Veszprem, after first part of the season, Marko is the leader of goalscorers in the EHF Champions League. In an interview for, Vujin speaks about Veszprem, Kiel and ambitions with the national team of Serbia at World Championship 2011 in Sweden.

You are playing a very good season with MKB Veszprem. Without any lost point in Hungary and with position number 1 in very strong group in front of HSV and Montpellier at the EHF Champions League.

– Season is great, but it’s not over. Until May, we must to improve some segments in our play.  We have to make a good results in Montpellier and Kolding, because the Champions League is only what we interested for.  We had a great matches at the start of this competition and that is why we must to keep form also after World Championship.  Our mainly and only goal is to achieve Final Four in Koln. Everything else will be big dissapointment for Veszprem.  In this situation, I think that F4 is realistic plan.

How you finding motivation for playing in Hungary? You don’t have strong national league or rivals as Pick Szeged was. Probably it isn’t easy to keep good form…

– EHF CL is competition  of interest for all players. In Veszprem, yes, we have problems with motivation, because we didn’t lost any single point last two and a half years! That is so bad for young players, who had only 12,13 strong games during season. Veszprem as Veszprem exists to be Hungarian champion, but also to achieve something big in the Champions League. It isn’t easy, when you play at Saturday agains HSV Hamburg and then in Thursday with some weak team,which you beat with 25 goal difference.

Is it possible to left Veszprem to Kiel, before 2012, what is an initial year of yours three seasons contract? An example for that is Žarko Šešum, who sign for RNL…

– People from THW Kiel publish that option in media last October, I think, with a plan to give enough time to Veszprem’s owner, to think about that. I think that they made that, because they want to see me next summer. Sincerely, my big wish, also, is to come to Kiel next summer – 2011. I had and still have a very nice time in Veszprem, but for the club and for me, personally, maybe it is the best solution to end everything after this season. Even if I stay until 2012, no problem. I will do everything like a proffesional.

You had broken knee ligaments, what was the reason for missed EURO 2010 in Austria. In front of the TV, you watched defeats of Serbia from Iceland and Austria and only draw with Iceland, which wasn’t enough for Main Round (13th place). How did you see that?

– Pre period and also a period of tournament in Hungary, when I had unlucky in October 2009 was really good.  I believe that we can make something in Austria, but after all, just disappointed, because we finished EURO 2010 after four days. We also didn’t have lucky in the matches with Iceland and Austria. Many of the people lost faith in our possibilites, but we bring them back after winning against Czech Republic in qualification for WC 2011, for what people in Serbia thought that we had small chances. We made it. Now, we are on the way to Sweden.

In Serbia exists confusion about potential of the national team. Vujin, Stojković, Ilić, Šešum and other serious names of the handball world, but you will face Denmark and Croatia in the Preliminary Group A in Malmo. How you can beat them – favorites?

-These two matches are third and fourth in the Group. First, we have to beat Algeria and Australia, win four points and relaxed going in matches with the favorites. For win against such a rivals, everything has to be perfect. Goalkeepers, attacks, strong defense. It is not realistic to say, that Serbia is a favorite. Denmark coming without five important players, At the last WC in Croatia, we had them, 59 minutes, but we didn’t survive that last 60 seconds. With Croatia will be a game „goal for goal“, no matter, which year or name of the players are. Both teams will be over motivated to win and that will be very interesting for spectators and TV.

Who are the favorites to win WC 2011?

– France. They are to much over rivals. Fantastic individuals, all in two or three best players in the World on their position.

You became one of the best right backs on the Planet. Who are the best players at your position in your opinion?

– Olafur Stefansson. He is still big, playing in TOP team at high level. His games in Magdeburg and Ciudad Real were my inspiration, when I was young player. Also, Marcin Lijewski playing for many years on high level…


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