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Mathias Gidsel to join Fuchse Berlin

MVP of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Mathias Gidsel, will join Fuchse Berlin in summer 2022. The Danish right back, member of GOG, has signed three years contract with the team from German capital.

Sports director Stefan Kretzschmar: “I’m looking forward to one of the greatest talents of our time. He’s an incredibly clever player who makes few mistakes. It will be good for our play culture and form a great trio with Fabi Wiede and Nils Lichtlein. I am proud that he chose us despite many offers. He has his heart in the right place and is a great guy. In addition, my absolute dream player, whom we have been working on for a long time. We really wanted him and that was the decisive factor in the end. ”

Coach Jaron Siewert: “He is a player who has aroused a lot of desire and we, but especially me as a coach, are very happy that we succeeded in this spectacular transfer. It fits perfectly into our playing philosophy and has all the attributes that help us as Füchse Berlin to keep attacking the top. ”

Managing Director Bob Hanning: “This is one of the most beautiful days for me as Managing Director of Füchse Berlin, because we managed to bring Mathias Gidsel to Berlin against what is arguably the highest and best-endowed national and international competition. His appearance at the Füchse Berlin office with the sentence that he wanted to join an association that has to do more to achieve great success than others shows his attitude, which we can already look forward to in Berlin. Stefan Kretzschmar’s persistence in the implementation of the transfers Max Darj and Mathias Gidsel show how valuable he is for the club. ”

Mathias Gidsel: “The Bundesliga is the strongest league in the world and I made a conscious decision in favor of Füchse Berlin because I was enthusiastic about the concept and it will be fun to develop with this team.”

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