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No EHF EURO 2020 in Norway – Kolding to take two groups?

The Women’s EHF EURO 2020 won’t be played in Norway, confirmed EHF.

“The European Handball Federation very much regrets the decision of the Norwegian government and the impact it has had on the Norwegian Handball Federation not to be able to host EHF EURO 2020. Alternatives are being sought with the Danish Handball Association and additional information will be released on Tuesday at the latest”, is written in EHF statement.

However, many sources talk about Kolding as the “second Danish city” which will overtake hosting rights from Trondheim.



  1. Henk Jonker

    16. November 2020. at 12:32

    Norway should be banned form the tournement

  2. Henk Jonker

    16. November 2020. at 12:31

    Het teruggeven van de organisatie van het Europees kampioenschap handbal voor vrouwen in 2012 komt het Nederlands Handbal Verbond (NHV) duur te staan.

    De Europese federatie EHF maakte woensdag bekend dat de bond in totaal 550.000 euro aan boetes moet betalen. Het NHV kondigde direct aan in beroep te gaan.
    This must also be done to Norway

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