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Officialy: Katarina Bulatovic to Gyor!

As exclusively wrote a month and a half ago, Montenegrian star, one of the best female handball player Katarina Bulatovic (29) will play in Hungarian Gyor from the next season. Deal was made a few weeks ago, but it was decided to be announced after the end of season in which Gyor won the EHF Champions League for the first time in history.

Bulatovic has won EHF Champions League twice with Danish Slagelse (2007) and ZRK Buducnost Podgorica (2010). She played in Romanian Oltchim this season.

As replacement for Jovanka Radicevic on right wing is coming Bognár-Bódi Bernadett from Dunaújvárosi Kohász KA.




  1. Pest09

    28. May 2013. at 13:18

    Let’s see! At least Vardar will compete with high chances to beat the best teams! Also the fans of Vardar – Komiti are one of the best follow the link:
    Even the best teams were losing in this athmosfere. I am not sure how the women handball players would cope!

  2. csákány

    28. May 2013. at 11:12

    Vardar: a jó játékosállomány önnmagában nem elég

    Győr: az ETO talán két legtüzesebb játékosát engedte el, szerintem meg fog látszani a hiányuk

  3. Pest09

    21. May 2013. at 23:32

    Vardar will be Champions!

  4. Huge metal fan

    18. May 2013. at 06:43

    Győr is clearly the best team but next year you will possibly see even the bronze medalist of the Hungarian championship in the CL.
    Looking at the news at FTC it seems like there is a chance for Hungarian derby in the final.

  5. hartza0

    17. May 2013. at 16:07

    I imagine the great spanish coach, Ambros Martin, will be very happy whith that positive new and I think Györi is going to be the best and more wonderful team in the world over the coming years.
    Congratulations, Ambros and Györi !!!

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