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Ortega, Olsson and Losert calling at Global Handball Summit 2023

Global Handball Summit which starts on January 4 in the capital city of North Macedonia, Skopje,  in five days-programm will bring a lot of big names and fantastic speakers which will inspire and motivate international handball community. Some of them are current FC Barcelona head-coach Antonio Carlos Ortega, famous goalkeeper’s coach – two times Olympic champion Venio Losert from Croatia and legendary Mats Olsson, Swedish coach who is working with the best team in the world Norwegian women’s national team.

Summit is a super idea and super symposium with a lot of big names in our sport  – are the thoughts of Ortega who won the EHF Champions League 2022 recently.  On his words Losert and Olsson have to add something:

  • Definitely a great idea for handball coaches to get some knowledge and experience from great coaches-instructors.

Ortega’s topic at Summit will be linked with “Taking defensive decisions”.

  • I am happy to be there with a lot of other big names of our sport. List is really amazing.

Mats Olsson, who just won another gold medal with the Norwegian national team at Women’s EHF EURO 2022 in Ljubljana, will focus on his field.

  • My topic will be “Goalkeeper Coach Education –  Basic Concepts in a cognitive way”, where I will try to show the importance to use some form of cognitive training in most exercises for the goalkeepers. I am really glad to see such a strong line-up for this event.

Venio Losert will also be focused on goalkeepers, but with different approach:

  • I will speak about general goalkeeper’s technic and integration in the group team dynamic.

Event will take a place at Jane Sandanski hall, famous for amazing Macedonian and European handball history with RK Vardar and ZRK Vardar as their home. How this fact can motivate and inspire people?

  • Well the hall is absolutely a legend, so people will be definitely motivated to come – said Ortega before Olsson has to add his feelings:
  • All historic places as Jane Sandanski hall is important for handball history and will of course inspire the speakers and the audience.

Benefit for all those who apply and attend Global Handball Summit in Skopje are numerous:

  • To share the knowledge of everything to everyone is always positive in our sport – thinks Ortega.
  • Benefit? For me the benefit is to try to put small questions in the audience way of thinking and finally to develop handball – add Mats Olsson.

A summary can be found in Venio Losert’s words:

  • Exchange of experiences and learning from great coaches that will give a new point of view for all participants.


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