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Poland (Round 12): Wisla Plock with hard-fought win over MMTS Kwidzyn

Wisla Plock is winning again. Today they won against MMTS Kwidzyn (4th team of last season) in away game 32:36. Although it wasn’t easy game they got another 2 points and they are still in the first place of polish championships table.
The game began with Kwidzyns lading, but then Wisla shot three goals and it was 1:3 for them. Lars Walthers players had all under control and they had 2-3 goals more than hosts. After 20 minutes Wisla led by 5 goals and it was quite comfortable situation for them. But before the break Plock was winning 19:22. Great day had again Christian Spanne, who after first half got 6 goals. In second half play didn’t change a lot, but over 37 minute was only 23:25, when to Plocks goal hit Robert Orzechowski. Oilers made a few mistakes and Kwidzyn took advantage on it. On 10 minutes to the end of the game was 30:30 and everybody get really nervous, especially due to third 2-minute suspension and red card to Muhamed Toromanović. Finally Wisla won by 4 goals, 32:36. The best striker of Oilers next to Spanne was Petar Nenadić (9 goals both of them). More goals at all game had only Robert Orzechowski (10).
MMTS: K.Szczecina, S.Suchowicz – M.Seroka, P.Rombel, M.Daszek(6, 1k), A.Nogowski(2), M.Górski, A.Pacześny, M.Peret(5), A.Łangowski(1), P.Rosiak, M.Adamuszek(7, 3k), K.Sadowski, R.Orzechowski(10), M.Mroczkowski(1), T.Klinger

Orlen Wisła: M.Šego, M.Wichary – C.Spanne(9, 3k), A.Wiśniewski(1), V.Ghionea(1), I.Nikčević(5), K.Syprzak(2), M.Toromanović(1), N.Eklemović(4), M.Kubisztal(2), B.Kavaš(1), A.Twardo, P.Paczkowski(1), P.Nenadić(9, 1k), F.Ilyés

Suspensions: MMTS 6 min (A.Nogowski 2 min, M.Daszek 2 min, M.Peret 2 min) – Orlen Wisła 12 min (M.Toromanović 6 min, P.Paczkowski 4 min, C.Spanne 2 min)
TEXT: Michalina Chabowska
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