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Porto Sofarma win Portuguese Super Cup 2019

FC Porto Sofarma have won the first trophy in the new season of Portuguese handball. The team coached by Magnus Andersson won the Super Cup by beating Aguas Santas 28:22 (14:12) in the opener of the season.

This was the first Super Cup trophy for the Portuguese champions since 2014 and the seventh in total.

The new season in Portugal will be very interesting as three teams, beside Porto, Benfica SL and Sporting CP have championship ambitions.

Here are the list of Super Cup matches in Portugal since 1983.

1983 Belenenses   Benfica
Not played (1984–89 seasons)
1990 Benfica   Sporting CP
1991 ABC Braga   Benfica
1992 ABC Braga   Benfica
1993 ABC Braga   Sporting CP
1994 Benfica   ABC Braga
1995 Porto   Belenenses
1996 ABC Braga    
Not played (1997 season)
1998 Sporting CP   ABC Braga
1999 ABC Braga   Sporting CP
2000 Porto   Madeira SAD
2001 Porto   ABC Braga
2002 Sporting CP 18–16 Porto
2003 Porto 31–28 Águas Santas
Not played (2004–09 seasons)
2010 Porto 29–28 Belenenses
2011 Benfica 28–20 Águas Santas
2012 Benfica 29–26 Sporting CP
2013 Sporting CP 33–32
2014 Porto 29–28 Sporting CP
2015 ABC Braga 26–24 Porto
2016 Benfica 25–24 ABC Braga
2017 ABC Braga 26–21 Sporting CP
2018 Benfica 29–24 Sporting CP
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