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REAL DERBY: Luka Stepancic silences “Banjica”!

As it had been wished, Belgrade was able to remind everyone of the famous handball days long ago, when “Banjica” hosted handball celebrations. In the derby between two great rivals, Zagreb took the points back to Croatia. The Croatian SEHA-title defending champion won the points thanks to a last-minute goal by Luka Stepancic31:30 (17:18), in a great atmosphere in front of 1500 spectators. Despite the standings, in which one of the worst teams this season plays one of the best, we could see a very close game between old rivals. The triumph brings Boris Dvorsek’s team much closer to the F4, and brings Partizan a “nightmare” of last-minute attacks after which they are left without a draw, as it happened against Vardar and Vojvodina.


1.CO Zagreb141112449 : 38334
2.Tatran Prešov121002420 : 33930
3.Vardar12813352 : 30825
4.Metalurg12741319 : 28425
5.Meshkov Brest12804330 : 30224
6.Vojvodina13508329 : 35415
7.Nexe13328361 : 38011
8.Lovćen14329366 : 41211
9.Borac m:tel133010302 : 3999
10.Partizan131012312 : 3793
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