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ROMANIA STRIKES AGAIN: Camilla Herrem to HCM Baia Mare!

After legendary Oltchim Valcea dissapeared from the TOP handball scene, another big handball project is raising in Romania. HCM Baia Mare has signed contract with one of the world’s best left wings Camilla Herrem. The biggest star of the second Norwegian team Byasen will gain the first international experience by signing deal with Romanians. Herrem is the member of golden Norwegian NT….



  1. alcomar

    30. January 2014. at 05:22

    ahh,and as i remember,Romania took the bronze medal in 2010 in detriment of a scandinavian country so,logically,it’s a very inspired choice!!;)

  2. alcomar

    30. January 2014. at 05:15

    what is so wrong with Romania,in your opinion?It is a country with culture in handball,Oltchim was every year on top spot in champions league and now they have a new project with HCM Baia what is that “thing” u can’t believe??!!!maybe your ignorance about handball and life in general,cause i see you’re very frustrated about “little” things!!!get a life first!!!:))

  3. Huge metal fan

    24. January 2014. at 20:22

    What do these Scandinavian girls think?
    Romania.. just can’t believe.

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