Metlicic covers the Serbian flag with a patch on his ceded Partizan shirt!

Partizan decided to act friendly and ceded their spare jerseys to Montpellier, as the French team forgot their primary jerseys in France due to baggage problem. However, Petar Metlicic, acted in unfriendly manner, and on the ceded Partizan shirt covered the Serbian flag on the back of the shirt with a patch. This was an individual act of Petar Metlicic, as all other Montpellier players were wearing shirt with the Serbian flag on its back without any objections. Decisions such as this without any consent from the EHF or the host team are degrading the reputation of the handball.




  1. Anonymous

    22. May 2013. at 23:58

    Hahahaha.. “unfriendly manner” haha what a joke! this is not a unfriendly manner
    @writer of the article: what if you have to wear the flag of a country which bombed you and wanted your death?

  2. yoo

    19. November 2012. at 19:15

    Well done Petar! Love and support from Croatia!

  3. maja

    19. November 2012. at 17:46

    oh bugger off borjan!! go find yourself something worthwile to write about

  4. Eder

    19. November 2012. at 14:49

    O my god… what scandal??
    If somebody is a croat he will never wear serbian flag.

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