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SECRET OF RUSSIAN GOLD: Trefilov understood the message!

The Russian Bear is again at the TOP. Evgeny Trefilov was out of the Russian handball at the end of 2012. Exactly 13 years of fantastic work, four gold medals at World Championships and Olympic silver from London 2012 were nullified with the protest of the best Russian teams in that moment after London 2012. Russia have lost quarter-final match against Korea, and it was enough for dissmising one of the „most original“ guys in the world of handball.

Trefilov suffered also a heart-attack, it was undoubtly, the worst moment and a year in his proffesional career. But, his status was linked with the biggest crush ever for the Russian female handball, as the team didn’t qualify for the World Championship 2013 in Serbia. The first time in the history, after 40 years…

There is no other choice except to try again with the always nervous and little bit wild coach. Trefilov understood the message of handball and life in generally, and that is his biggest quality. The 61-years old coach changed himself.

„He is not crazy anymore“, said Anna Sen during the World Championship 2015 in Denmark. Russia played very well in Denmark, but knock-out run wasn’t good as it was Preliminary Round.

Anna Sen about Russian start: Trefilov isn’t crazy anymore

This was the biggest threat also for the Olympic tournament which began with five wins in Group. At the end, Trefilov led his girls until 8 from 8. The first Olympic gold for Russia flying to Moscow.

„I would like to praise all 15 players. Every girl gave her small or big contribution to this success. I am so grateful. There were also conflicts during the tournament, but we were great at the court. There are a lot of young players who can be addition to this roster as you know that we have some older girls who will ended career – said Trefilov after the final against France.

Russian girls are Olympic champions!

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