Slovenia secure Olympic qualifications and place in Stockholm!

Slovenia won the battle against Portugal 29:24 (14:15) to secure Olympic qualification tournament place! The team of Ljubomir Vranjes has secured one of the TOP 3 places in the group which means that Slovenians will play at TELE 2 Arena in Stockholm, but for the place at semi-final the last round match against Norway will be decisive.

Blaz Janc was TOP scorer for the winning team with seven goals, while on the other side beside Andre Gomes (6), Alfredo Quintana was in good form with 15 saves.

Portugal – Slovenia 24-29 (15-14)

Portugal: Andre Gomes 6, Luis Frade 4, Pedro Portela 3, Antonio Areira 3, Miguel Martins 2, Daymaro Salina 2, Diogo Branquinho 1, Fabio Antunes 1, Belone Moreira 1, Rui Silva 1.

Slovenia: Blaz Janc 7, Borut Mackovsek 6, Jure Dolenec 6, Miha Zarabec 4, Dean Bombac 2, Blaz Blagotinsek 2, Darko Cingesar 1, Nik Henigman 1.

Norway 6
Slovenia 6
Hungary 4
Portugal 2
Iceland 2
Sweden 0

Mandatory Credit © Anze Malovrh / kolektiff

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