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Super Wolff puts Germany ahead of Croatia!

Germany are the first team from Group C in Rouen! Their next rival, in eight-finals of the World Championship 2017, will be Qatar on Sunday, after Dagur Sigurdsson boys outplayed Croatia 28:21 (13:9) led by fantastic Andreas Wolff, who put pressure on Balkan back-line with 16 saves in total.

Germany were ahead of the rival during the match with furious finish – series 7:2.

Germany – Croatia 28:21 (13:9)

Germany: Wolff, Heinevetter – Wiencek (6), Häfner (5), Gensheimer (4/1), Groetzki (3), Fäth (3), Pekeler (3), Kühn (2), Drux (1), Reichmann (1), Pieczkowski, Glandorf, Kohlbacher, Ernst, Lemke
Croatia: Ivic, Stevanovic – Stepancic (5), Strlek (5), Kontrec (4), Horvat (3/1), Mamic (2), Mandalinic (1), Cindric (1)

Saudi Arabia beat Chile 26:25, so Belarus have still chance to ensure knock-out stage by beating Hungary in the last match.

Germany 10
Croatia 8
Hungary 4
Belarus 2
Chile 2
Saudi Arabia 2

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