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THW Kiel celebrate 50th Bundesliga birthday by win in front of 11.000 fans

The German champions THW Kiel began the new season with a victory in legendary Dortmund’s Westfalen halle, where the 50th Birthday of DKB Bundesliga was celebrated. After the match of DKB Bundesliga legends, two most successful German teams in the history, VfL Gummersbach and THW Kiel meet – 26:30. Over 11.000 fans supported their players, but “younger powerhouse” from the Baltic Sea confirmed the role of favorite led by Dahmke and Duvnjak, who scored six goals each.

VfL Gummersbach: Carsten Lichtlein (19 saves), Matthias Puhle (n. e.); Simon Ernst, Christoph Schindler (3), Julius Kühn (6), Magnus Persson, Evgeni Pevnov (2), Christian Zufelde, Gunnar Stein Jonsson (3), Mark Bult (1), Florian von Gruchalla (2), Alexander Becker (4), Andreas Schröder (1), Raul Santos (4/1).

THW Kiel: Niklas Landin (3 saves) Nikolas Katsigiannis (6 saves); Domagoj Duvnjak (6), Rogerio Moraes Ferreira, Rene Toft Hansen (2), Erlend Mamelund (n. e.), Christian Sprenger, Steffen Weinhold (2), Christian Dissinger, Patrick Wiencek (4), Niclas Ekberg (5), Joan Canellas (3/1), Rune Dahmke (6), Marko Vujin (2/1).

SG Flensburg began season in TOP form against HBW Balingen 32:22, while newcomers from Leipzig showed great performance against HSV Handball 31:27 in front of over 4.000 fans in Arena.

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1 Comment

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