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Tobbias Karlsson prepares special “rainbow” message for Poland

The Swedish national team captain Tobbias Karlsson decided to send a “special message” to all those who will watch the matches at Men’s EHF EURO 2016 in Poland. SG Flensburg defensive specialist and the world’s best in Handball-Planet Contest, will wear a rainbow captain bandage on all matches of his team in Group C, where Sweden will face Spain, Slovenia and Germany.

As Sportbladet reported, Karlsson will do that as a way of protest against the Polish laws which don’t allow same-sex marriage. Everything became even worse since conservative party “Law and Justice” won the elections in Poland.

– This is not a protest against anything but a silent manifestation of acceptance and equality of all people – said Karlsson and added:

– But I have asked the management to check that we don’t have risk of points deduction if I wear it. I will wear it until somebody stops me – said Karlsson who pointed out that he was ready to wear it also at DKB Bundesliga matches, but captain bandage are not in use anymore in Germany.



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  2. Daniel

    13. January 2016. at 17:31

    Unfortunately the translation here are wrong. There is no politics about this and Tobias never spoke about any protest against the Polish laws. He had weared the armband even if the Championship had been played in Sweden or any other country.

    So please, don’t think he is trying to make any protest agains the Polish people or laws, because that’s not true.

    Here is what the Swedish Handball Federation says about the thing:

    “Swedish Handball Federation have the position that all people are equal, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality or religious affiliation. We strive to be open and welcoming to all, and has previously shown among other things by example participate in the Pride Parade and have a LGBTQ National Team in Euro Games. Tobias Karlsson was also ambassador of the Eurogames in the summer and has always been clear in his position of equal value. We have great confidence in him and his leadership and support him in his decision to wear the rainbow-colored armband.”

  3. Eva

    12. January 2016. at 13:18

    I think this is ridiculous. do Poland get involved into Swedish politics and their laws? NO. Then don’t get involved in Polish politics. I find it annoying for someone who does not live in a country, does not have a clue on the way of life there and has not a clue about what happens in another country, makes stupid comments or remarks. It just shows their ignorance.

  4. Las

    11. January 2016. at 18:23

    I don’t think this involving politics in handball is necessary and clever. Does some Polish players need to complain now against some Danish low that reduce support to refugees in Denmark?
    All of us live in different countries, with different habits, tradition, low. We must repsect others and their way of living and thinking.

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