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TOP 10 “BEST BUY” 2013/2014: “Flying Dibirov”, Ilic, Skube, Simonet….

The end of April 2014 is the perfect period to see which players have been the best value for money in season 2013/2014. present the list of TOP 10 „BEST BUY“ in the current season which are coming to the end…

1. Timur Dibirov (Chehkovskie Medvedi – RK Vardar Skopje)

„Flying Russian boy“ is symbol of „new Vardar“. He is the first big signing of Russian boss Sergei Samsonenko in his project of big handball force in Macedonia. After fantastic performances during the season, Dibirov was awarded with a new six years contract which will keep him in Skopje until end of the season. He deserves it…

2. Momir Ilic (THW Kiel – MVM MKB Veszprem)

Serbian NT captain becomes the hero of the Veszprem’s road to Cologne. Ex-Zebra is the best scorer of the team and second best at EHF Champions League. Twice EHF CL winner gives a dose of self-confidence moreover to his team-mates.

3. Stas Skube (RK Trimo – RK Gorenje Velenje)

„New Vranjes“ Stas Skube was a huge surprise for European elite competition this season. Younger brother Skube gave a new perspective of playing and inspired a lot of people who think that height is something which making difference in TOP handball.

4. Diego Simonet (Ivry – Montpellier)

Argentinian playmaker became the vital part of the former best team in France.  He gives a new energy to the team who had bad season start…

5. Sergei Onufrienko (HC Dinamo Minsk – Motor Zaporozhye)

Ukrainian right back went home this year and showed that his is from „strong material“. Motor reached TOP 16 and Onufrienko was one of the most important part of the team…

6. Ivan Sliskovic (RK Nexe – RK Celje PL)

Young Croatian NT left back who had his debut at EHF EURO 2014, turned down offer from RK C.O Zagreb this season, but made people in Celje happy…

7. Torsten Laen (Fuchse Berlin – KIF Kolding Kobenhavn)

Danish line-player built the one of the strongest defensive line in Europe this season. Experienced Laen is good signing, capable to stay in the team with the highest ambitions…

8. Pavel Atman (Chekhovskie Medvedi – RK Metalurg)

Handball „Pavel Nedved“ is one of the vital part of RK Metalurg Skopje success this season. Lino Cervar got a strong shoter with the Russian guy…

9. Nikola Manojlovic (RK Cimos Koper – Rhein Neckar Lowen)

Serbian „Eagle“ helped a lot to „Lions“ to establish strong defensive line in the season of great performances. Oliver Roggisch got a great replacement for his „wall“ duties in Mannheim’s squad…

10. Alex Dujshebaev (BM Atletico Madrid – RK Vardar Skopje)

Spanish lefthander, one of the most talented players in generation 1992, plays very good in his first EHF Champions League season. He showed that can fight with the pressure and give some important goals for fantastic success of Macedonians – TOP 8 until now…



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  3. kerry

    27. April 2014. at 19:25

    or RNL also:)

  4. kerry

    27. April 2014. at 19:23

    Lenny check up the results of Polish teams i CL whith THW KIEL, and… second Bundesliga?

  5. Lenny

    26. April 2014. at 17:48

    Polish League is like second Bundesliga.

  6. fan

    25. April 2014. at 18:43

    I also ask: where is Mariusz Jurkiewicz, who is key player of Wisła Plock’s defense and also in attack. He make a great progres this season and he is very important for Wisła.

  7. zks

    24. April 2014. at 15:43

    Where is Mariusz Jurkiewicz? Actually best player in Polish league…

  8. Piter

    24. April 2014. at 14:51

    Where’s Mariusz Jurkiewicz???!

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