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TOP 10 Handball Persons – Kasi Jesper as a Revolutionist

More than 36 thousand spectators in Copenhagen, 15.000 in “Bercy” at the French Cup Final, 20.000 waiting for the EHF F4 in Cologne, thousands in Kielce, Plock, Veszprem, Szeged, Koper and across Germany making handball rhapsody so nice, so big. wants to present all the people, who with their work, motivation, vision and ideas made that possible. We made a list of TOP 10 Handball Persons, like most influential in our world – World of Handball.

1. JESPER NIELSEN – KASI (Rhein Neckar Lowen – AG Copenhagen)

With his influence in Rhein Neckar Lowen and AG Copenhagen, money and ideas, he became the handball revolutionist. He wanted to change the handball world, to give it more professional note and he does that.  Mannheim with 8.000 fans per game and “Parken” are symbols of his philosophy. Handball needs more “Bosses” like him…


2. Andreas Rudolph (HSV Hamburg)

After many years of Investment, Rudolph grabbed his first Bundesliga champions title. The First Man of HSV Hamburg deserved that. City of Hamburg got TOP handball team with more sold tickets than Kiel, we can tell “the most crowded hall in the World of Handball”. Hopefully, he won’t stop…

3. Nikola Karabatic (France – Montpellier)

Nikola went to Montpellier to put handball one step up in France. With all success with French national team, with his “Playboy” capabilities, outfit and marketing skills, he gives handball another dimension…

4. Domingo Díaz de Mera (BM Ciudad Real)

To keep F.C Barcelona in all kind of sports activity so many years without champions title, that is kind of Art.  Four consecutive ASOBAL title and three times EHF Champions League winner are in Ciudad Real. President is happy. Spain must find more people like him…

5. Zoran Gobac (NT of Croatia, C.O Zagreb)

Around him are always equal number of positive and negative voices. President, Director, “Alfa and Omega”, controversal, critical, interesting for journalist,  tough for coaches and players, but that is Gobac. It can be difficult for someone to admit, but he is the first stone for many success of Croatian handball. C.O Zagreb playing Champions League in the Arena with 15000 seats and for that, “he is guilty”..

6. Marit Breivik (Norway)

She is the founder of “Joy – Handball”. Even, she is now “ex” NT coach of Norwegian (1994-2009), her results and influence are so obvious. Norway is NO.1 in the World of women’s Handball and that will be “for a while with smile”. On March 16, 2009, Breivik was appointed Knight, First Class of the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav for her efforts as a role model in Norwegian sports…

7. Gro Hammerseng (Larvik – Norway)

She won everything in Handball except WC’s gold, but it is on the way. Gro is very important part of the beautifull women’s movement, who  are playing handball with passion and joy. Nice and brave – perfect words for handball player. She is a kind of equivalent to Karabatic in male handball. Another brick in the wall of the global handball promotion…

8. Ivano Balic (Croatia – C.O Zagreb)

Magician. Balic gave to handball a basketball creativity. He doesn’t use his media and marketing potential as he can, often nervous with media and the people around him, but, when you are genius, all is forgiven. It is sad, because he doesn’t want to play in Bundesliga. That would be NBA.

9. Bob Hanning (Fuchse Berlin)

Another guy with a vision, coming from Germany. Secretary General of the team, Hanning made from Berlin – handball city. Handball is playing on East of Germany, again, and that was his mission. Fuchse is now serious team, with serious ambitions, 8.000 fan base and becomes huge refreshment for German and European handball. Munchen is waiting for someone…

10. Bojana Popovic (Montenegro – Buducnost)

She forced her small country to become ready for big things. With her in the team, Montenegro and Buducnost wants only to win in all the matches in all of the competitions. That’s kind of ambitions are growing only, when you have some spirituos in the team. Bojana won five EHF Champions League and that is enough. She is the best female handball player of 21st Century, even IHF didn’t give to her official award…


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