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TOP 20 “BEST BUYS” 2023/2024: Arnoldsen, Monte, Zehnder, Claar, Zarabec…

At the end of every season,, points out the best transfers of the year. The “BEST BUYS” for this season start from the Danish Aalborg and new star, the 22-years left back Thomas Arnoldsen, which high performance and big level-up, could see handball fans from all over the World last weekend at EHF Final4 in Cologne, where his team lost at the Final against FC Barcelona.

The French Montpellier have found another future TOP star from Brazil, Hugo Bryan Do Santos Monte, who had a brilliant presentation in his first European season. TOP scorer of the Bundesliga, Manuel Zehnder had a fantastic season with Eisenach, as a loaned player from HC Erlangen.

AT TOP 5 is also Felix Claar, who had a great intro to German handball with SC Magdeburg, just like Miha Zarabec in Poland, where Slovenian had an important role in winning the first title for Orlen Wisla Plock after 13 years.

HERE IS THE TOP 20 “BEST BUYS” of the season 2023/2024:

1. Thomas Arnoldsen (Skanderborg – Aalborg)
2. Monte Dos Santos Hugo Bryan (EC Pinheiros – Montpellier)
3. Manuel Zehnder (Erlangen – Eisenach)
4. Felix Claar (Aalborg Håndbold – SC Magdeburg)
5. Miha Zarabec (THW Kiel – Orlen Wisla Plock)
6. Sergey Hernandez Ferrer (Benfica Lisbon – SC Magdeburg)
7. Aleks Vlah (RK Celje PL – Aalborg)
8. Milos Vujovic (Fuchse Berlin – VfL Gummersbach)
9. Simon Hald Jensen (SG Flensburg – Aalborg Håndbold)
10. Aaron Mensing (SG Flensburg – GOG)
11. Sebastian Carl Percy Karlsson (Savehof – Montpellier)
12. Noah Gaudin (Sonderjyske HB – Skjern)
13. Fabian Norsten (VfL Gummersbach – Aalborg Handbold)
14. Milan Bomastar (Skovde – Chartres)
15. Janus Smarasson (Kolstad IL – SCMagdeburg)
16. Dino Slavic (RK Zagreb – Limoges)
17. Moralles Cuni (RK Vardar – RK Zagreb)
18. Elias Ellefsen á Skipagøtu (IK Sävehof – THW Kiel)
19. Ivan Sliskovic (FA Goppingen – Olympiacos FP)
20. Kent Robin Tonessen (Pick Szeged – PSG Handball)

TOP 20 “BEST BUYS” in season 2022/2023: Portner, Nielsen, Jastrzebski, Hoxer….

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