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VIDEO: Arpad Sterbik first days in coaching career

Arpad Sterbik began his coaching career in Telekom Veszprem. 

Legendary 41-years old goalkeeper has replaced Haris Porobic, who did a great job in the last six years, in coaching staff of David Davis.

Sterbik, who played in the last two seasons of career for the Hungarian champions, is now working with trio Cupara, Coralles and Szekely.

Serbian born with Hungarian origins and Spanish NT experience can speak with all goalkeepers on their native languages.

It will interesting to see who will prevail as it is clear that there is no significant No.1 among the posts for the upcoming season.

Kapusaink is keményen dolgoznak azon, hogy minden lövéstől megvédjék kapunkat a következő szezonban!Our goalkeepers are also working hard to save every shot coming on net in the next season!#RedUnited

Gepostet von Telekom Veszprém Handball Team am Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2020

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