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(VIDEO): Two hours game, lots of incidents, HC Vardar becomes champion of Macedonia

The handball fans in Macedonia definitely got used to see the derby games between RK Vardar and RK Metalurg last about at least two hours. The same can be said about the decisive game that was played today (02.06.2013), at the sports arena SRC “Kale”, in which the hosts RK Vardar had to win if they wanted the Macedonian title.

It all started with the FC Vardar players entering the hall and celebrating the title they won few hours with the handball fans, further increasing the adrenaline of the home fans.


With the game commencing, RK Vardar used the home ground and home crowd advantage, taking the lead early. Metalurg had their chances as well, but Strahinja Milic was superb on Vardar’s goal, saving the first two 7m from Metalurg. Vardar kept the lead until the final minutes of the first half. After a harsh foul, Mirkulovski and Avutovic started an argument which soon grew into a full-scale fight between the players of both teams. In the end, the result was red cards for both players, but a red card for Vardar’s coach Veselin Vujovic as well, which made him very angry, trying to have a “word” with the referees, but luckily no larger incident happened.



In the second half, lots of tensions as well, and lots of strange refereeing too. RK Vardar kept their heads cool, and fended off all attempts by Lino Cervar’s players to have a chance at equalizing the score, despite Stanic making few important saves, in the attack Vugrinec and Mojsovski were simply not up to their level. In the end, RK Vardar celebrated the winning of the Macedonian Championship.



Stojance Stoilov – check out his celebration during an “interview” for the national television!





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