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Director of Vive Targi Kielce, Radoslaw Wasiak: “S League like Bundesliga” made a interesting interview with Radoslaw Wasiak, director of Polish champion, Vive Targi Kielce, about their participation in “S” League with Balkan teams and goals of the most rising teams of European handball in last few years…

You were in Belgrade at the meeting with other representatives of national federations and teams from Ex-Yugoslavia area. We already heard that Vive Targi Kielce are ready for this kind of project…

– We are very interesting to take part in this project, which is born. In Poland, we have only two strong teams. Other teams are level down. I see that this problem is problem of European handball. Only Germans has strong League competition. I found this project very interesting. Of course, we have to get confirmation from our national Federation.  We will speak with them and also, I will speak with my Board. This is a great chance to put our club one level up.

Do you think that will be easy to get confirmation from Polish Federation?

– Now, I don’t know. It is on President of our Federation. I am little afraid. Maybe it will be a problem. They promote national league.  I know that Wisla is also interested for “S” league. It is a question. That is a job for my President and the Board, to speak with them and find the best possible solution for Polish handball…

If they don’t give you “green light”, is it possible to play Polish and “S” League in same time?

– And Champions League? I think there is no date for something like that.  In case that we play in the Regional league, we will join Polish championships just for Play Off. It will be hard decision for Polish handball.

How do you see competitors in Balkan’s area?

– History of Balkan Handball is a great history. Many good results, many success together or after Yugoslavia divided. Each country has two strong teams. If we make this League with 14 or 12 teams, that will be like Bundesliga. It is very important that handball going up, to develop, to have a full halls…

Can you tell us something about euphoria in Kielce in last two, three years. You made handball team with very high ambitions?

– We built team two years ago and in the same time, Board made a strong club. Kielce has a tradition of handball. I have been played until a few years ago. We had good team last 20 years in Poland, but we wanted to become competitive in Europe. Kielce trying to play among the best…

As we can see and heard, Kielce and Wisla have really strong budget. There is no problem with money in the TOP Polish teams?

– No, there is always problem, who to get money (laugh). It is a problem of the World, not just handball. We have quite good budget for Poland. I hope that this is enough also for further success in Europe.

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1 Comment

  1. Wisla

    5. March 2011. at 10:42

    I think that Wisła and Vive should play in S league. In Polish league are two strong teams and others are weaker.

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