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Vive Tauron Kielce win opener in Schaffhausen

Vive Tauron Kielce have had a good opening of the new Champions League season as they beat Kadetten Schaffhausen in an away game 33:28. Two points are something that Polish team can be glad about but the style could have been a little better. Previous games in the Polish league, although victorious, also left a lot to be desired but the team were said to have been focused on the first Champions League match.

The beginning of the game was a bit surprising. Kielce did not seem to be fully focused while the Swiss team did very good job on the court – they were not much bothered by Kielce defence, and clumsiness of the guests in attack made it even easier for them. Kielce lost ball a couple times; additionally, trio Bielecki – Tkaczyk – Buntić could not break through Swiss defence. Kadetten scored 3 times while Kielce needed 5 minutes, a penalty shot and Ivan Čupić to score their first one. After 10 minutes hosts were ahead by 3 goals (6:3) and if it had not been for Marin Šego in Kielce goal, the distance would have been bigger. Even though his teammates did not help him much, Šego saved quite a lot of shots and helped in reducing the gap. However, on the other side of the court Swiss goalie Nicola Portner kept Polish team from taking the upper hand. This state of affairs lasted for 20 minutes; in 20. minute Zorman equalized at 9:9 and one minute later Kielce were in the lead by 2 goals (11:9). Kadetten’s coach Markus Baur used an interesting as well as unforeseen manoeuvre – not being short-handed, he brought in a libero and the team played with four back players. It was not a one-time manoeuvre but Kielce did not have many chances to make use of the empty Swiss goal. However, they got to check goalkeeping skills of Andrija Pendic. Kadetten came from behind but with a few seconds to go, Jurecki gave his team one-goal lead (15:14).

After a few minutes of the second half Polish team looked better and 37. minute saw the first 3-goal lead (19:16). They still, however, were often rejected by Portner and could not find a way to stop the Swiss pivot. Spectators had a chance to see a bit unusual situations like 4 or so offensive fouls in a row. This disputed and chaotic moment ended up with a yellow card for coach Baur. It did not distract Poles though and they started gaining advantage. They kept 5-7-goal advantage until the final whistle and won 33:28.

Kadetten Schaffhausen – Vive Tauron Kielce 28:33 (14:15)

Kadetten: Portner, Puljezevic, Maier – Cvijetić 2, Doborac 1, Geisser 1, Graubner 1, Jurca 2, Kuttel 6, Liniger 7/2, Mamic 1, Mansson 5, Meister, Pendic 1, Richwien 1.

Vive: Sego, Szmal – Grabarczyk, Jurecki 4, Tkaczyk 1, Reichmann 3, Chrapkowski, Aquinagalde 1, Bielecki 4, Jachlewski 1, Strlek 2, Lijewski 3, Buntić 6/2, Musa 1, Zorman 3, Cupić 4/2.


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