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Vladan Matic: “I should have been a terrorist for this team”

The feedback in the Serbian media following Serbia’s defeat to the Czech Republic which left them without the World Championship is still ongoing. The now former Serbia coach Vladan Matic had his say for Serbian zurnal.rs.

How is it possible to let go 8 goals advantage?
VM: I do not know. I do not even know how it is possible not to go for a victory in such a match. We waited until our attack time expired, until referees call passive attack, not even creating the slightest danger. The before-game agreement was to limit the number of unforced errors and go back in defence fast. Nothing has been respected.

Do you regret anything?
VM: I regret behaving like a human.

Would it be easier if you weren’t behaving like one?
VM: Maybe, that but would not be me. This team needs a terrorist, but even a terrorist would face problems with these players. He would definitely meet resistance.

source: zurnal.rs

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