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Wacker Thun wins Swiss Cup!

Kadetten Schaffhausen losing domination in Switzerland step by step. Three time in a row champion after just average previous part of the season is defeated in the Cup Final against Wacker Thun 30:26 (15:11), who repeated success from the previous season. Man of the Match was Wacker’s goalkeeper Merz with 22 saves…

Wacker Thun – Kadetten Schaffhausen 30:26 (15:11)

Wacker: Merz (22 saves)/Winkler (für 2 Penaltys); Linder (3), Dähler (5), Isailovic (4), Franic (5), Buri, Lanz, Caspar (2), Friedli (3), Von Deschwanden (6/1), Rathgeb (1), Hüsser, Studer (1).
Kadetten: Quadrelli (5 saves)/Aleksejev (5 saves); Kukucka (1), Emrich, Pendic (3), Mamic, Starczan (8/4), Stojanovic (3), Prieto, Jurca (4/4), Bucher, Ursic (1), Tominec (4), Dissinger (2).

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