WC 2011 – Sweden (Day 2): Easy wins for favorites!

Results of the Day 2 of the World Championship in Sweden. Some favorites had bad day, but wasn’t any surprises.

Group A

France-Tunisia 32:19 (15:9)

Egypt-Germany 30:25 (15:12)

Spain-Baherin 33:22 (16:8)

Group B

Island Hungary 32:26 (14:11)

Norway-Japan 35:29 (18:13)

Austria-Brazil 34:24 (17:13)

Group C

Croatia-Romania 27:21 (11:13)

Serbia-Algeria 25:24 (13:9)

Denmark-Australia 47:12 (21:8)

Group D

Korea-Argentina 25:25 (14:11)

Slovakia-Poland 35:33 (15:17)

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Germany – Egypt 30:25 (15:12)

The Germans have the first points they highly had focused on – by beating Egypt in a strong manner and thanks to nine goals of left wing Uwe Gensheimer. In the beginning the German back court players were dominant, but as the 2007 World Champion stood weak in defense they couldn’t extend their lead – in contrast: Egypt equalized at the 5:5, before Kraus and Glandorf took the responsibilities with decisive goals. The Northern Africans really fought hard, but had to put all their power in scoring while the Germans could score easily. So after 30 minutes the distance was only three goals, as Egypt was physically on the same level. But when the Africans lacked power and concentration Germany took the profit: Thanks to a strong defense and counter attacks they extended thire lead to 22:16 in minute 43 – after a series of 7:4. Five minutes later the distance was already eight goals – and it seemed that the German had found the winner’s way in this crucial match for the rest of the Preliminary Round. But suddenly Egypt arose again, thanks to shots from the nine meter line, so that German coach Heiner Brand had to take his time-out at the 26:21 eight minutes before the end. By changing the goalkeeper from Heinevetter to Bitter, Brand secured the victory in the end, which was clear latest at the 30:22.

Group  B:

Iceland – Hungary 32:26 (14:11)

Medal candidate Iceland started with an expected victory, but they had to fight hard in the first 30 minutes against the Hungarians with their initially strong defense. Even when Iceland was in lead 12:6, they didn’t take the control of the game, as they played too hectic. Aside the Hungarian goalkeeper Robert Mickler, who substituted Nandor Fazekas early, showed some outstanding saves – so Hungary remained close with a three goal difference at the break.  But then the game changed completely. Led by excellent youngster Aron Palmarsson, Iceland extended the gap goal by goal until the decisive intermediate score of 29:20, in the end the Hungarians couldn’t endanger the Olympics Silver medalists though they came closer a little. Best player was Palmarsson; who scored eight goals for the winner.

Group  C:

Croatia – Romania 27:21 (11:13)

The Silver Medalist of the WCh in 2009 had enormous problems in the first 35 minutes to stand the pressure of Romania and occurred too many mistakes. Therefore the Romanians, which had eliminated Russia in the qualification, surprisingly led 13:11 at the break.  A lot of misplaced Croatian passes and Romanian counter attack goals paved the way to this result. But coach Slavko Goluza found the right words in the dressing room, as his team improved strongly in the second half. First the Croats equalized at the 14:14, then they took the lead and didn’t give it from their hands until the end. Led by Balic, Strlek and Lackovic they decided the game at the score of 26:20 in minute 54 while Romania only scored seven goals in 25 minutes – a signal for the extremely strong Croatian defense and the high number of mistakes on the Romanian side.

Group D:

Korea – Argentina 25:25 (14:11)

The Gauchos were responsible for the first surprise of this World Championship: Due to an improvement after the break they took a well-deserved point against Korea, estimated stronger than they performed. The goals of Geo Jung Park brought Korea a quite comfortable 13:9 lead in minute 25, but then the Gauchos – who are aiming high in Sweden – reduced the distance to 11:14 at the break. And by equalizing at the score of 16:16 in minute 38, high tensioned final 22 minutes started. In a match with a huge number of mistakes on both sides the Southern Americans took the lead at 21:22 and 23:24, but then again Korea equalized and took the lead, before Argentina stroke back. 19 seconds before the end Gonzalo Carou equalized for the Gauchos to 25:25, before players of both teams received suspensions. In the very last second Korea missed their last chance – and were disappointed about this draw.

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