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World Handball Player project – Why we are doing this?

The ninth year in a row organizes the WORLD HANDBALL PLAYER project powered by handball journalists from all over the world.

Why we are doing this? TEAM, as one of the few existing handball media which takes our sports globally, wants to gather all the people who are following handball on daily basis to get overall opinion from some different angle of the handball world.

We are witnessing that IHF has no mission to improve visibility of their premium members – TOP players. For the last 20 years, there were no program or anything similar which can help players to achieve the highest line of their brand potential. Even IHF World Handball Player project is nothing than only two announcements – one at the beginning and one at the end of Contest.

World Handball Player 2019 is the chance for journalist’s voice to be heard. This is also a chance to praise performances of all the players and coaches through the years. Our project gives also a chance to handball fans from all over the world to vote and their voting is something visible and easily accessible.

Vote and help Handball world to grow.

Zika Bogdanovic
Handball-Planet TEAM

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