Zarko Sesum joins FA Goppingen!

German Frisch Auf Goppingen has announced two years deal with Serbian NT member Zarko Sesum (28)! Sesum, who came to Germany in 2010, spent four season with Rhein Neckar Lowen, with whom he won the EHF Cup last season in French Nantes, when he suffered serious knee injury which take him out of the court for 8 months.

He played at Hungarian Veszprem before Germany from 2007 to 2010. Sesum is member of Serbian NT since 2007. In his junior age, Serbian left back was voted for the world best in his generation 1986.




  1. MarkoPole

    6. March 2014. at 23:57

    This Year France, next Hungary probably. Because closer to Slovenia

  2. hartza0

    5. March 2014. at 13:51

    dieter…………. Bombac have signed whit french team Aix en Provence ……why did you say Bombac was on the way to Hungary? Did you hear something about that posibilty? Thanks for answering

  3. dieter

    4. March 2014. at 14:32

    Dean Bombac on the way to Hungary

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