Zoran Gobac (CHF) about Swedish WC 2011: “This is disaster”

“Alfa and Omega” of Croatian handball, Zoran Gobac in Malmo official Hotel “Blu Radisson”, expressed his negative opinion about WC 2011 organisational standards for

– WC organisation, like in Croatia will be very hard to achieve. The only nation, who can meet that standards is Serbia at the EURO 2012.  We are very good in hospitality. This in Sweden is disaster. Players haven’t enough food in official hotel. That is a basic.  Incredible. I think that organisation is broken and that Swedish doesn’t really know, how bad is. It’s funny, because they just want to earn on everything, while we wanted to show our hospitality to whole Planet. Look at an example. Two years ago for WC 2009, the issue was Hall with 15.000 capacity for last weekend. We made it in Zagreb. Now, we will play in Malmo Arena with 12.700 seats? On that question there are no answer. Is it normal that standards goes back? For a rich country as Sweden, it was normal that the Final take place in the hall with 17,18 thousand fans…



  1. Milos

    24. January 2011. at 06:17

    I totally agree with mister Gobac… And what about totalky unfair referees…? Sweden has privilegs and that is unbelievable…Watch Polish, Croatish and especially Serbian matches and see for yourself…

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