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Norway becomes Olympic Champion (W) !!


Norway is the Olympic Champion in Women’s Competition! They have beat the Montenegrin squad with 26-23, and the most important factor was Linn Jorum Sulland – scoring 10 goals for the Norwegians. Having small lead throughout the whole game, and from time to time the closest the Montenegrins could do get a draw but failing to capitalize sometime never took the lead and this cost them dear. Bulatovic led Montenegro with 10 goals, while Popovic had 5 goals. In the Norwegian squad, Sulland had 10 and Alstad scored 5.


  1. Player

    13. August 2012. at 17:28

    Sisters Bonaventura (referees)SHAME ON YOU

  2. TheMack

    12. August 2012. at 18:04

    Damn Referees should receive gold medal.
    They’ve totally earned it for Norway.
    The stunt they did in front of 2 Billion spectators at Olympic Final game was something that person with at least minimum morale integrity wouldn’t do.

  3. Anonimusss

    12. August 2012. at 12:42

    what a shame!!! montenegro deserved a gold medal!!montenegro-moral winner!

  4. Bu2

    12. August 2012. at 11:55

    Heroic play with two players less. In fact with four players less, because the sisters were playing for Norway.

  5. hb

    12. August 2012. at 09:50

    Worst referees ever. I couldn’t believe what I saw last night. Montenegro had a few times 2 players less. Almost every contacts was a exclusion. For Norway, nothing. And still, Montenegro got back every time. A real shame for an Olympic tournament. I think, that’s it from my watching of handball…

  6. 9-er

    12. August 2012. at 02:03

    Match MVP’s: Sisters Bonaventura (referees)
    It was OG final game and not some 3-rd grade league match.
    Believed that there should be some justice in OG Finals but it seams that Justice got expelled by Bonavetura sisters.
    At least u could c in that match how to make proper 4-0 defensive zone.

  7. ASDF

    12. August 2012. at 01:50

    The refrees brought Norway the gold. They should be punished, it’s a disgrace. The Bonaventura sister the lowest form of life.

  8. milan

    11. August 2012. at 22:12

    “The most important factor was Linn Jorum Sulland”
    No way, heroes are france refrees. Shame.

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