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Qatari powerhouse Eljaish withdraw from the Arab Championship

Eljaish first handball team will not participate in the Arab Club Championship, which is scheduled to take place in Jordan between 20 and 30 March 2016, as decided by the club management in coordination with handball staff.

Club management decided not to participate in the championship after the request from the technical staff of the handball team because of the huge number of injured basic players totaling 8 players including 2 professional ones.

Eljaish team has been suffering from match pressure and exhaustion and the team currently is competing on the league title after achieving 14 victories respectively and holding the top position on league list.

Management and technical staff preferred skipping the participation in the Arab Championship in order to provide players with the opportunity to recover and be ready for future championships and matches.

Eljaish previously decided to withdraw from IHF Super Globe due absence of their TOP players linked with the Qatari national team, who was preparing for the Olympic qualifications.

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1 Comment

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