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SEHA GAZPROM F4: MVM Veszprem set new “black” record with six goals until half time

The first half of the first semi-final at SEHA GAZPROM Final4 will write the new, unfortunately, “black” chapter of the MVM Veszprem history. The Hungarian champions scored only 6 goals against Meshkov Brest (6:11), what is the the lowest number of goals for 30 minutes on international stage in the last few decades.

The lowest number of goals scored by Veszprem was 7 in season 1995/95, when strong Teka Santander outplayed them easily 25:15 (11:7).

Here are matches with 9 Veszprem goals since season 1992/93:

Teka 19:17 (8:9) season 1995/96
RK Partizan 99/2000 – 28:25 (12:8)
Portland San Antonio 2001/02 – 27:21 (11:8)

Mandatory Credit ©SEHA/Nebojša Tejić

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1 Comment

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