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European Beach Handball Tour: Chardash & Greek-Brasilian triumph

After 2,5 rainy days players of all best European Beach Handball clubs saw sunny afternoon near Thessaloniki. „EBT Finals“ again wasn’t lucky with weather conditions as we still remember havy rainy days in Budaors (HUN) last year.
At the end, few suny hours were gift for all involved in Championship, above all gift for the players that showed to us very interesting and thrilling matches.

Female competition finnished with repeted triumph of defending champions from Hungary. „Chardash“ won against „Sirtaki“ in quite tie match. „Agenta girls“ won in the finals against Greek team „AC Spartacus Goalbet“ 2:1 (21:16; 20:22; 7:4).

Bronze medal will travel to Nederlands as girls from „Camelot“ won decisiv match against their compatriots from team „Westsite“ (2:0 (16:12; 20:13)).

Male competition brought some spectacular matches and up to the last moment of the last match of group stage yesterday up to 4 teams from each group had their options for playing semifinals. At the end, bronze medal was match of defending champions from the most successful club in Europe . „Detono“ (CRO) and Dutch „Camelot“. Defending champions defended their proud and medal will come once again to the showroom of „Students“ from Zagreb, for 8th consecutive year.

Final match was match, clash of two Titans: Greek club „Akropolis“, with line-up full of Brazilians, members of the best national team ever, managed with their coach Antonio Guerra. Opponent was „Ekaterinodar“ from Russia, with players which are members of „Sborna komanda“ leaded by Roman Kalashnikov and with two foreigners, former MVPs of European BH competitions Hugo (ESP) and Paja (SRB).

Extra quality on the send brought fantastic show to spectatores in „Avant garde sports club“ and to all that followed match via Internet live stream. If you didn’t do it, take your time and watch it, because that was one of the matches that proof why Beach Handball make such long and strong steps of development, globalisation toward programme of some of the following Olympic games.

There are no words to explain thrill moments of final match, because of that we will skip first two interesting tie periods and nine attempts of „shootout“… In the last, 10th attempt Russian team had chance to finnish match while scoreboard showed result 6:6. One point was enough for „Ekaterinodar“ to write it’s name with golden latters to the EBT Finals’ history. And it should be deserved victory for Russians, club that for last 5 years have their place on the EBT podium, but never on it’s highest position. Goal net was target, just one hit was needed…. And there were hit, but of goalpost, done by GK Valiakin. Just few centimeters decided. Dream dissapeared, after next, 6th attempt, reallity became victory of Greek – Brazilian team. „Akropolis is new champion! „Kilkis Akropolis“ – „Ekaterinodar“ 2:1 (12:10; 18:20; 7:6)).

It was fantastic end of one extraordinary Beach Handball competition and excelent beggining of new Beach Handball’s season in Europe which will for sure culminate in July (from July 12 till 17) in Budapest where wlll be held VII Beach Handball World Championship.


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