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AFRICAN EXPLOSION: Wael Jallouz torture – Šterbik is victim

The biggest hope of African handball, Wael Jallouz (24), finally showed his potential in FC Barcelona Lassa t-shirt. Tunisian left back netted 12 goals in Barca’s win over RK Vardar Skopje 31:30 against one of the best goalkeepers of the Century, Arpad Šterbik. RK Vardar goalie had no answer against strong shooting power of Barca’s left back.

One of the goals showing how it was…



  1. Anonymousity

    29. March 2016. at 15:09

    I don´t know if his shooting SKILLS surpasses the ones of Mikkel Hansens. Even thou i think it´s up there. Saw an insane hipthrow while jumping past a defender from far back, the power he could generate from that shot aswell, the ball recocheted out of the goal like a missil. It was against Rhein Necker Lowen i think. His shooting POWER, i think surpasses the one of Mikkel these days. Remind you, Mikkel shoots half of his goals by penalty, but Wael scores his goals like in the video. He´s insane.

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