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AFRICAN LION: Wael Jallouz extends in Barca until 2018!

The hero of two important wins in EHF Champions League against RK Vardar Skopje, Wael Jallouz (24), extended deal with FC Barcelona Lassa until summer 2018! The 24 years-old Tunisian shooter netted 20 goals in two matches against one of the best world’s goalies Arpad Šterbik, just to give one more reason to Barca’s management to be convinced in their decision to keep him at “Blaugrana”.

Jallouz came to Barcelona in summer 2014 after unsuccessful season in German THW Kiel. However, it looks that Xavi Pascual managed to make more than Alfred Gislason in achieving the full potential of the most talented African player.




  1. Julian

    18. July 2016. at 19:26

    What a stupid comment from me, i was not myself. Mikkel is superior to Jallouz, but still Jallouz have abilities to become a legend aswell i think, shooting is one thing, Jallouz shoot a bit harder maybe than Mikkel, but Mikkel is overall more effective, also on penalty. So thats it.. Both have superior skillsets to most other backs i think.

  2. Julian

    1. April 2016. at 06:48

    He shoots harder than Mikkel im sure, and is a bit more dangerous from far back. Mikkel may be the better handball player, but it´s not far fetched to compare their shooting skils. Both have one heck of a hipthrow, and has scored on freethrow plus the normal jump shot is also in their dna. I think however that no one have ever shooted better than Mikkel during WC Sweden 2011. But right now, he´s the best shooter on the leftback and a good overall player aswell.. 12 goals on Sterbik is ridiculous. Remember the last match with Denmark Spain Sterbik made Mikkels shot look pathetic.

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