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Allison Pineau about transfer to Krim: Money wasn’t motivation

French star Allison Pineau was the hottest topic in the Women’s handball in the last few days. Since she lett ZRK Vardar by mutual agreement, IHF World Player of the Year 2009 has found a new team quickly. Her next Balkan station is Slovenian Ljubljana – RK Krim Mercator.

– Despite I could feel the increased interest in my direction, I tried to stay away from the happenings and as always, I entrusted my manager from ChampSport to handle my case and negotiate with the clubs on behalf of me. I would like to thank you to all the other clubs, who made an offer, for their persistent interest and I hope that they understand my decision that I have chosen KRIM. When I made my decision several aspects were taken into consideration. It was important that I wanted to play in the Champions’ League and this time I focused on choosing a club, where the head coach does not only wanted to fulfill the gap with an additional player in the team, but wanted me, only my play. This time it wasn’t the finances that motivated me, since almost all of the other offers were more favorable than KRIM’s.

A few months ago, everyone run away from Ljubljana because of the club’s difficult financial situation. Aren’t you afraid of that you just bought a ticket to a sinking ship?

– I am aware of what happened to KRIM, I heard the stories first-hand from my teammates who came to Vardar from the Slovenian team. I do not think, however, that the club would make the same mistake twice, especially in such a short time, because in that case they would erase themselves permanently from the handball market. Everyone deserves a second chance. In addition, the club has new board members, who assured me that everything is continuously being arranged in the background and they consciously rebuild not only the team but the club, too. This is supported by the feeds also, that KRIM is constantly repaying its debts towards the ex-players and suppliers. Unfortunately, the club got into a downward spiral, which has negative medium- and long-term impacts. This was also reflected in the latest transfer period, since KRIM could only achieve just a few “first-choice” signings. However ”every coin has two sides”, and despite all the facts, the results show that a successful and fighter team came together in Ljubljana.

It could have been heard that Vardar terminated your contract because of your injury. When will you be able to play again and fight for KRIM’s success?

– It wasn’t Vardar who terminated my contract, but it was a common interest and decision. But I wouldn’t like to specify the reasons. According to the agreement with Vardar only good memories or nothing shall be told of each other… My injury was never serious. A routine medical procedure was required. If the rules allowed me to play, I would be on the court in 100% form on the following weekend against Dynamo in Ljubljana. But in this way, the fans can only see me playing in the CL in the second round.

What are your future plans? After so many disappointing years playing abroad – first the collapse of Olchim Valcea and then the untimely termination of your contract with Vardar – don’t you feel like, everywhere is good, but no place like home…?

– I like challenges, I’m an adventurer type. I’m not afraid of anything new and I am not a routineer either. However, for the time being I feel like I had enough of the “surprise-bombs”, it would be good to finish at least two consecutive seasons relaxed – concluded Pineau.

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